Amazon’s One Hour Delivery Now Available in Northern Virginia

Amazon has just rolled out their one hour delivery service in Northern Virginia.  The service, PrimeNow, delivers items to you within an hour for a $7.99 fee, or free within two hour windows.

This service is only avaliable for people with Amazon Prime and these fees do not include tips.

prime now

From the description:

There are two delivery options for orders fulfilled by Amazon Prime Now and sellers: free delivery in a two-hour window and delivery within one hour for $7.99 per order. One-hour delivery is available in most ZIP codes serviced by Amazon Prime Now. Two-hour delivery is available in all our service areas. Amazon Restaurants delivery is free for all orders for a limited time. Typically restaurant orders arrive within 60 minutes. A restaurant’s delivery window will be displayed when you place an order.

In addition to the tens of thousands of daily essentials available on Amazon Prime Now, you can shop from local stores and restaurants in select cities. If other stores or Amazon Restaurants is available in your city, you’ll see the option to browse them on the main page of the app and website.

Once you reach the order minimum and your order is placed you’ll receive tracking updates via text message. You can also view your order on its way to you using a map in Your Orders in Your Account.

There is a minimum delivery amount, and it is $20 for Northern Virginia.  Please note, the coupons I used did not seem to affect my minimum–which is great!

I just tried out the service and was able to get two 100 ounce bottles of Tide delivered for $6 (before tip).   I used the coupon 10PRIMENOW (first time users only) for $10 off my order.

There is a Procter & Gamble special going on where you can get $5 off $20.  I put two bottles of Tide in my cart and used both the promocode and the special, and they stacked!

I tried to screen shot the process, but Amazon has that disabled for privacy reasons.

Amazon also has weekly specials, which is great.  Nothing seemed too overpriced to me.

Another note: Amazon Prime Now and are being run as separate businesses, so as of this moment, you cannot return items from Prime Now to  You also will not see what items are avaliable for Prime Now on Amazon’s regular product pages.

So far, I’m impressed with this (though I have to admit, I have good feels over getting the laundry detergent for $6!)

Hat tip to reader Matt C. for letting me know it’s finally live!

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  1. Oh boy–now I get to see my favorite five-word phrase: “Not available in your area.”

  2. Maui is next .. hahahahahahahaha …

  3. “these fees do not include tips.” I do not tip my UPS delivery man and wouldn’t think of tipping for this service. Do you / would you?

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