In-Flight Essentials I Take With Me Everytime

I’ve spent a lot of time in flight and have developed my own set of habits.  But I have several items I always keep in my travel bag–just in case.

airplane aisle

Here’s my list of items that are with me on every flight.

1. A pashmina

It’s really versatile. I can use it if I get chilly. I can use it to cover up a coffee spill. I can also use it if I accidentally have a clothing malfunction. It’s tiny, packs small, and is multi-purpose.


2. Face cleaning wipes

These are so refreshing in flight. When it starts getting stuffy or hot on the airplane, I wipe my face and neck (front and back of neck) with one of these, and I feel so much better. (How I Stay Feeling Refreshed in Flight)

garnier refreshing towel

3. Power-pack

I travel with multiple extra portable battery chargers. You never know if a flight delay will happen, and whether you’ll have to spend a lot of time on your phone. I’ve actively rebooked things in flight, even, on my cell phone, and having back-up power certainly helped.


4. A USB-Carport charger

I keep a little USB-car charger converter in my purse. The primary purpose is to always have a car-charger when I rent a car (and so I don’t have to remember to bring it on those occasions). But it is also really useful on some planes that still use that cigarette lighter-type of charger for electronic devices.

5. Really, really comfortable shoes

I always have one or two pairs of light shoes that I know are always comfortable. (For example: Top 3 Most Comfortable Shoe Brands (We tested them!)) I know this seems obvious, but sometimes shoes that feel okay for two days do not stretch a whole week.

Tali Grand most comfortable shoe brands

6. Something to do

I always have a plan going onto a flight, even if it is “I will catch up on sleep”. But when you travel frequently, you spend a lot of your life on airplanes. So I always make sure I know what I’m going to be accomplishing on the flight.

What are your inflight essentials?

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  1. Music! My phone is loaded with music, which is so relaxing during a long flight.

    And, on an Android, the app and the (free) map files for areas along the way and the destination. If you have a window seat you can use to identify all those towns and lakes that you are passing over.

  2. I used an old amenities bag that has my ipod, noise cancelling earbuds, replacement batteries for the earbuds, usb powerpack, ibuprofen, antacids, cough drops (2), pepto tablets, a few business cards (made some good connections w/seatmates), drink coupons, a small pad of paper and a pen.

    I also have my ipad and sometimes papers to read. Oh, and always have a bottle of water.

  3. A copy of the third Transformers movie. Ten minutes in and I’m out like a light.

  4. Noise canceling headphones – they make a world of difference. And eye drops, it gets super dry on planes.

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