Yikes! Man Slides Right Out of Water Slide

This was my greatest fear as a child.  I always worried that I could slide right out of one of those open top water slides, and my parents insisted it would never happen.

Now my worst nightmare has come true, but to someone else.

A man on a water slide slid right out of one and over a rocky cliff.


According to WUSA9:

Video taken in the Austin area captured the moment a Dallas man was thrown from a water slide and onto the rocky ground below.

David Salmon posted the video on his Facebook page. As of 8 p.m. Monday, 10 hours after it was posted, the video was shared more than 550 times.

“Too dang old to be going down water slides,” he wrote. “Fell off this one that is over a rocky cliff.”

The actual experience got caught on video.  Here it is:

If that video isn’t working, here’s a direct link.

According to WUSA9, he suffered a “broken arm, fractured ribs, and lacerations across his body.”

He was well enough to at least make jokes about it afterwards!

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  1. how can i unsubscribe?? this is becoming to stupid

  2. video link isn’t showing up.

    tortellini…it’s “too” stupid. and also, it’s two easy too unsubscribe.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It might be a weird youtube doesn’t like certain browsers issues, so I added in a direct link. Thanks for letting me know!

      • I am suspicious of this video. I don’t doubt the man went overboard off the slide but the lack of details in the report makes me think that this is a home made slide in someone’s backyard. If that is true then I don’t feel bad for this guy at all.

        There is no mention of any comapny or amusement park. No follow up video from the person recording of the man that went over after he went over. The slide looks bumpy and uneven… And that turn look way too sharp for any commercial manufacturer to create without proper safety measures.

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