BA Pilot Misses ATC warnings and Snaps at Her For It; Other Pilots Mock Him

One thing I like about travel is how norms seem to regulate behavior.  I mean this as a passenger, but I just listened to an air traffic control exchange (based in Dublin) where the other pilots jumped to ATC’s rescue when a pilot misbehaved.

dublin airport

The air traffic controller continually tried to warn a BA flight that a pilot was supposed to give way, but he wasn’t listening on the channel.

After he noticed that the other airplane didn’t give way, he got an attitude with ATC for not warning him about the other craft.

The other pilots (not so gently) pointed out that this was his fault.  He reacted by stating he is going to file a safety claim against ATC.  At that point, the other pilots let the BA pilot know exactly how they felt.

The audio is here:

Notice how polite she was the entire time.  As someone commenting on the video said, she even thanked him for letting her know that he was filing a safety report.

There was an argument between a BA pilot and Dublin ATC a year ago as well, when a BA pilot wouldn’t vacate when he wasn’t fully ready for departure.  He was insisting he was completely ready for departure but just “needed to finish his check list”–which doesn’t sound completely ready to me.

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  1. this is 2014 old

  2. I don’t think atc actually warned BA anything, should blame the controller, the pilot was right . As for the 2nd video pilot has to comply with ate instructions unless is an emergency, those guys just did not go back to the end of line. Would love to hear that conversation with the JFK controllers.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      There’s a good discussion in the youtube comments section (I can’t believe I just said that) about why her attempts to warn might not have been on the recording. The general consensus was that the other pilots wouldn’t have backed up an ATC otherwise.

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