My Dog Imitates Every Pose I Sleep In

A few days ago, I posted a photo of myself sleeping in a semi-convoluted yoga pose.  I wondered if this is why I sleep on so easily on airplanes.

This was the photo:

me and moxie

Someone pointed out in the comments that my puppy was sleeping in a similar pose to me.  That’s actually extremely common.

My puppy, for some reason, feels the need to imitate whatever pose I sleep in.

And my family has started snapping photos whenever they spot us napping together.

Moxie 5

This was after the last happy hour we had on May the 4th.  (Come out to our next one next week!)

Moxie 6

This is probably my favorite of all the photos.  Her ears are so adorable in this one.

Moxie 3

The weird thing near my face is her stuffed squirrel.

Moxie 2

I guess this one is more of a mirror image than an imitation.

moxie 7

This wasn’t actually explicit, but it was a little more leg than I’m usually comfortable showing.  Same for Moxie.

Moxie 1

We both woke up for this one and seriously without planning it both decided to do a silly face.

When I’m sleeping at night, she’ll jump up on the bed and copy me as well.  Sometimes, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and shift the way I’m sleeping.  When I wake up in the morning, I’ll see she has readjusted at some point to copy my new position.

She also likes to imitate me in general.  It usually makes blogging a little difficult because I have this:

moxie blogging

But it also makes blogging a lot more adorable.

So a little more about her.  Moxie is a cavachon, which makes her half-king cavalier and half-bichon.

Moxie 8

She is a little over six months and is under ten pounds–and will probably stay that way.  She was the runt of her unusually large litter and she gets no shortage of love from her momma.

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