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Woman Attacked by Scorpion on Portland Bound Flight

There’s a lot to worry about on flights.  Injuries due to turbulence, angry anti-reclining zealots, and passengers that just ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl. But a woman experienced something previously just part of Samuel L. Jackson’s darkest nightmares–scorpions on a plane. While the airline still doesn’t know how the scorpions got on the …

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Southwest Flight Diverted as Passenger Gives Birth

Takeoff sometimes makes people nauseous.  Or dizzy.  Or in my case, I always fall asleep. A passenger on a Southwest flight found that takeoff caused her to immediately go into labor. According to KTLA: The woman gave birth “slightly†after takeoff while the plane was in the air, Southwest Airlines …

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Philly-Bound US Airways Crew Apparently Ate the Fish

Fourteen crew members and two passengers became seriously ill on a flight to Philly from Tel Aviv, forcing an emergency landing in Rome. According to Gawker: Trapped inside a metal room with the noxious odor and an obviously insufficient ventilation system, passengers and crew members alike began throwing up—prompting a …

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