Woman Attacked by Scorpion on Portland Bound Flight

There’s a lot to worry about on flights.  Injuries due to turbulence, angry anti-reclining zealots, and passengers that just ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

But a woman experienced something previously just part of Samuel L. Jackson’s darkest nightmares–scorpions on a plane.

While the airline still doesn’t know how the scorpions got on the plane, a scorpion was successful in stinging a passenger on an Alaska Airlines LAX-PDX route.

Luckily, the sting happened before the flight actually took off.  The results were nasty (KGW has a photo of the incident), but after a delay, the flight crew was able to get the MF scorpions off the MF plane.

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    It is not as if the scorpion was looking for her and attacked her with premeditation.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I just meant it in a Samuel-L.-Jackson-The-Snakes-Are-After-Us parody. Just like snakes probably wouldn’t proactively go after passengers on a plane, nor would a shark flying through a cockpit take the time to attack a flight attendant (even if it IS Kelly Osborne).

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