Harrison Ford Downgraded to Fair-Moderate Condition After Being Listed Critical Post Plane Crash

I have an alert for plane crashes and never through I’d be pulling up an article about Harrison Ford, aka famed pilot from the Star Wars series, Han Solo.

Ford crashed into a golf course after his plane stalled immediately after take off.

From the New York Daily News:

Assistant Fire Chief Pat Butler, speaking at a press conference, said the passenger “suffered moderate trauma” after the plane clipped a tree before suffering a “medium to high impact” landing that left a small debris field.

I’m relieved that he’s doing well after the crash.  Almost as shocking as the plane crash was the news that he’s in his seventies.  Wow.  Keep on rocking it, Harrison Ford.

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  1. Oh, FGS, what you stated is an upgade, not a downgrade. Please keep this crap off your blog and let the 24/7 new folks cover it. Thanks.

    DOWNGRADED from critical to Fair. Jeesh.

    You’re not TMZ. Let them handle it.

  2. “Harrison Ford Downgraded to Fair-Moderate Condition After Being Listed Critical Post Plane Crash”

    Maybe just swear off the widely-covered stuff. Love your other blogs.

  3. Designation of condition status for the media is the least scientific determination made at a hospital.

  4. You do wonderful stuff. Just FYI Downgrade means just like it sounds, moving down, less than the current situation. Doesn’t mean better or less severe unfortunately. “An occurrence in which something becomes worse, less valuable, etc.” – Merriam Webster.

  5. His aircfraft didn’t stall, he had engine trouble, there is a huge difference.

  6. Upgraded/Downgraded in this situation is weird. I understand the reasoning for both. It’s like in March Madness where you don’t know if a “higher seeded team” means they have higher or lower seed number than the opponent.

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