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Free Round the World Trip for Anyone Named Elizabeth Gallagher

A man surprised his girlfriend with a round the world trip–but broke up soon after. Now he’s offering a free ticket around the world to anyone with her name, Elizabeth Gallagher. From the Daily Mail:  Taking off on December 21 from New York’s JFK International Airport, the 18-day whirlwind trip …

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Coyote vs. Airplane: Runway Loses

A runway at the Gerald R. Ford was shut down for about fifteen minutes after a coyote played chicken with an airplane. From USA Today: Tara Hernandez, a spokeswoman for the Grand Rapids airport, tells WZZM that the incident forced the airport to suspend operations on the runway for about 15 …

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The Most Epic Travel Agency Ad Ever

Thank you to Business Insider for linking to this amazing advertisement for a travel agency in Scotland. I’m not sure what I love more–the man doing a flip in the pink and black bicycle shorts who is supposed to be one of the women or the creepy Disney scene. I’m …

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Flights Rerouted to Avoid Walrus Crowds

In the category of news I can’t make up, flights to Alaska have been rerouted due to a large (35,000) crowd of walruses. The sad part is the reason why the flights are being rerouted.  Apparently, if they are spooked enough, they can trample each other. From the Guardian: Until …

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Biggest WTF Moments in Travel

When you travel a ridiculous amount per year, ridiculous things are going to happen.  I’ve had quite a few. Probably my biggest WTF moment ever was when someone volunteered to give my seat away. People were looking to switch seats on the airplane to sit next to each other and a …

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Tina Fey Misses Out on Reward Bonuses; Rips off Stores

American Express currently has a promotion where you can receive 20% more points if you make twenty or more purchases.  And their spokesperson for that is Tina Fey. Except Tina Fey apparently doesn’t know how to use a credit card.  (Therefore, is missing out on bonuses plus is ripping off the stores). …

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