Tina Fey Misses Out on Reward Bonuses; Rips off Stores

American Express currently has a promotion where you can receive 20% more points if you make twenty or more purchases.  And their spokesperson for that is Tina Fey.

Except Tina Fey apparently doesn’t know how to use a credit card.  (Therefore, is missing out on bonuses plus is ripping off the stores).


The entire commercial, Tina Fey is swiping her card backwards with the stripe facing away from the card reader.

I guess if you swipe your credit cards that way, you are getting 100% cash back.  Not a bad deal.


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  1. Saw this with another card issuer’s commercials as well (forgot which one). I guess the point is so you see the name of the issuer as the card is being swiped.

  2. “American Express currently has a promotion where you can receive 20% more points if you make twenty or more purchases”

    This is a feature of the card that she is promoting (amex everyday), not on all amex cards and my understanding is its not a promotion but a permanent benefit.

  3. BofA commercials do this too.

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