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Security Agent Catches Falling Baby at Airport

Or why you should be concerned about collecting your baby post-security checkpoint before your jacket. From Reddit.com: Redditers posted another angle of the shot too (bottom right of the frame): Is it just me, or does the father try to put the baby back onto the table before someone else …

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Finding a Motherload in the Airline Loo

When you hear someone mention someone forgot to flush their “treasure” down the toilet, usually that’s a euphemism. In this case, a treasure trove was literally found in the toilet on a Flydubai plane. According to Time Magazine’s website: “Last week, an aircraft cleaning crew found 280 gold bars worth …

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

I hear/see the craziest things while traveling, and this weekend was no exception. A Tourist Commenting on the Maid Service “She just doesn’t make up the room the way I like it.  I tried leaving a note, but she still made up the room wrong.  We should have brought Nana …

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