You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Airport_Travel_and_Related_005I hear/see the craziest things while traveling, and this weekend was no exception.

A Tourist Commenting on the Maid Service

“She just doesn’t make up the room the way I like it.  I tried leaving a note, but she still made up the room wrong.  We should have brought Nana on this vacation.  I could have left her in the room during the day to make sure the maid actually did things right.”

A Nine Year Old Looking Suspiciously Around

“Mommy!  Our hotel better have a spa, because I can’t deal if not.”

And the most interesting part of my traveling experience…

A man abandoned a large sum of cash, his airplane ticket, and his credit cards two seats away from me in the US Airways club.  I was working in there the entire day, and never noticed this large sum of money sitting there unattended.

Security came and they were investigating what happened, but I have no idea what the resolution was or what this could have been.  But I can’t help but wonder…

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  1. No lie. I would have taken the cash. I am terrible.

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