Downtown Disney at Night

My sister was staying in Orlando, so I did a quick jump down over a weekend to meet her there.  While I’ve gone to Downtown Disney before during the day to shop, I never really spent time there at night.  And wow is it fun!

We started out IMG_0661out the House of Blues for their happy hour specials.

While touristy places like Orlando and Las Vegas are very expensive, remember, there’s always happy hour specials to be found!

We wandered around and looked at the chalkboards outside establishments and found a happy hour outside of the House of Blues that was really reasonable (2-5pm).  We grabbed a drink, then ordered some food.

As the sun set, we wandered around and the families shopping for souvenirs starting to disperse.

And then we looked up into the sky and saw…


A giant hot air balloon.  I suddenly had to ride up in this balloon, and the views were fantastic.  It was $18 a person.


There was a large space you could walk around under the balloon, but it was extremely bumpy on the way up.

But it looked incredible up there.


While we were up there, the fireworks at Disney started, so we got a great view of that too.


After that, we headed to the nearest Irish Pub, Raglan Road, which had outdoor seating and live music.


We enjoyed the atmosphere there so much, we had dinner there the next night and hung out listening to the music again.


The band had a pretty broad repertoire and knew the requests being thrown at them.


They are the house performers so could be found there Thursday through Sunday, at least as of when we were there.

We ended up having dinner at the Cuban restaurant there too one night which was pricey but tasty.

Any favorite restaurants in Downtown Disney?


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