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Airplane Take-Off in Front of Funnel Cloud

Here’s a cool shot of a Ryanair flight taking off in front of a funnel cloud. There were no reports of it fully forming a tornado, but it’s still a cool picture. As to the distance, from Accuweather: Without more details, AccuWeather experts cannot pinpoint the proximity of the plane …

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JetBlue Engine Fire from “Ingesting” Bird While Still on Ground

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before a plane took off. From 7online: JetBlue confirmed Sunday that Flight 704 from San Juan, Puerto Rico to JFK Airport experienced a “bird ingestion into the #1 engine”, causing an engine fire. Flight 704 from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan experienced …

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What a Thousand People in One Pool Looks Like

The Chinese Dead Sea Tourist Resort advertises the tranquility of laying out in the pool and relaxing. Not when there’s a heat wave. Click here to see (literally) thousands of people in one pool. Granted, it’s a large pool.  But not that large.    

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Bed Bugs on New York City Public Transportation System

I was a little freaked out when I found out that the San Francisco BART system seats tested positive for large amounts of human excrement–of both kinds.  So I was glad when they replaced the fabric seats with the sleeker kind you can hose down. I always figured the New York …

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Hipster Scarf Saves American Tourist’s Life in Germany

Don’t ask me why I was searching for hipster scarf on Google BUT the famed/scorned accessory that hipsters love saved an American tourist’s life in Germany. From Time (yes TIME reported on this): Alex Vogel, 38, told Tagesspiegel newspaper that he was walking by a Berlin river when he heard a …

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Bride-to-Be Throws Punches on RyanAir Flight

An hour long delay on a flight coupled with a bachlorette party (drinking the wait away) resulted in a bridal brawl. From the New York Daily News: “I could see shouting and it looked like two girls were fighting. Then I saw the bride run along and jump in,” Tony …

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Spot a Beluga in Toulouse, France (in the sky!)

When Keri went to Alaska, she was very excited to spot a beluga whale in the sound.  But people in Toulouse, France are spotting a beluga in the sky. Behold, the Airbus 300:-600ST:   This oddly-shaped (and yet, adorable) plane is how other plane parts get to fly around. According …

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