Crap! Dog Poop Forces US Airways Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Yes, dog poop.

A US Airways flight from LA to Philly had to make an emergency landing after a dog pooped in the aisle.

Big deal, right?

Well, the dog pooped.  Like, really pooped.  All over.

So much so, they didn’t even have enough paper towels to scoop it up.

Apparently, it was so foul that passengers started getting sick one after each other:


What’s funny is he noticed the dog prior to the accident too:  

While waiting hours due to fuel being spilled all over the LAX runway.  What a flight.

For the whole scoop on this, check out this article from NBC.


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  1. Having flown with 2 puppies in their travel totes and one of them ate unrippened fruit struggled to hold it until we got on the ground. Poor pup really tried hard too. When he couldn’t hold it any longer we were still about 15 minutes from landing. He whimppered and cried like a little kid. I appoligized to everyone around me for the ‘smell’. Thankfully the mess was contained in the travel tote.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      From the tweets, it doesn’t seem like the pet owner tried very hard to contain him and he wasn’t well trained.

      • Well the pet owner was blind so how do you contain a service dog if you are blind until you smell the problem.

      • The real smell came from people puking not the dog poop. Puke is more sickening than dog poop. It will make most people dry heave or throw up when they smell puke. I read they didn’t have enough paper towels to clean up the mess from the dog poop and all the puke from the people so it sounds as if the didn’t have enough paper towels for the flight or to clean up an accident. The airlines should be more prepared than they were for accidents. Besides the man with the service dog could sue them for making him get on a bus according to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

      • How do you contain a service dog if they have to poop, if you gotta go you gotta go. Its pretty sickening when people go into an airplane restroom and crap all over the toilet and the walls, how sickening is that???? It’s enough to make you puke.

    • Sometimes it just can’t be helped and people need to understand when puppies or cats cry on a flight as they are scared. It is no different than a crying and unruly child on a flight and I have been on flights where a child is almost a total brat kicking seats and screaming and throwing food on a flight and babies with a poopy diaper on a flight will make you just as sick as a dog that needs to poop neither one can help it.

  2. This is why you don’t bring pets on airplanes or keep them in the cargo. Just fork up and get the dogs a kennel, some are actually like hotels for dogs so it’s not like you’re ‘abandoning’ them

    • You can’t get a kennel for them if they are a service dog and you need to have the dog with you, which the dog was a service dog for a blind man. The poor dog probably never flew before and was just scared to death and some people don’t even think about their dog being scared to death because they are a service dog, but a service dog can get air sick and frightened just like a human can or any other dog can that isn’t a service dog.
      Service dogs are trained to be service dogs but I don’t think they train them to fly in a plane. Some people feed their dog before their fight but that is the wrong thing to do. I have a service dog too and I feed her the night before a flight but I don’t feed her on the morning of a flight, and let her out to potty the next morning to poop out her dinner from the night before and again before the flight so that there no accidents on the flight. We are usually on about a 3hr flight, and I have no problem with her pooping on the plane.

    • People are not worried about abandoning their animal, it’s the fact that they need their service animal to be able to walk and hear safely, that is what a service dog is for to help you walk around stuff you could trip on or help you step down on a curb or to warn you that there are steps to go down. The also help you to hear of danger around you. A service dog can sense that. Some service dogs will warn you of an on coming seizure also as they can sense a seizure coming on. There are many different types, breeds and sizes of service dogs that do different things for different disabled people. Service dogs are for hearing, seizures, blindness etc.

  3. I dont think you should be able to bring animals on planes. I was on a flight where a cat cried the entire flight. It was torture for all the passengers and the cat.

    • You are wrong when you say that dogs shouldn’t be allowed on planes. If you are blind you usually need and have a service dog, so if you were in the same situation how would you feel if you were blind and couldn’t have your service dog to guide you when it comes to steps, stairs and other dangerous obstacles that you could get hurt on????

    • The cat should have been tranquilized since it wasn’t a service animal. That way it wouldn’t have bothered the other people on the flight or the cat.

  4. I know people who have service dogs and people who raise them. They never go anywhere without the dog’s official vest. Twitter picture shows no vest on dog and dog was too large to fit in pet carrier.
    I’m assuming that he was not a service animal, nor trained as such.
    Not sure what airline policy is…

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      People tweeting about it said it was a comfort dog. It did not seem to be trained, so I have doubts as to whether or not it is. They exist, but sometimes doctors write letters supporting the need for a dog without an actual need–thus the untrained dog.

      • Comfort or therapy dogs are not allowed on the plane unless they are in a dog carrier with a Drs note

    • The article said it was a service dog but why the vest was not on the dog I don’t know except it is very hot in the summer to wear the vest. You have to have the proper paper work to get the dog on the plane when you purchase ticket so he must of had proper paper work on the dog or they wouldn’t have let them on the plane.

    • Ok. These comments don’t make sense. For one, legally, a service dog does NOT have to be vested. That is the choice of the owner because it typically helps us not to have to answer thousands of questions but it’s the training that makes a service dog, not the vest. Also, an emotional support animal and a service dog both have the right to board a plane with their handler WITHOUT being kenneled. I don’t know where people are getting that they have to be kenneled. That would defeat the purpose of their job. I have not read anything about the dog misbehaving. He had an accident. It happened. Granted, they have to be potty trained but if it was a matter of he got sick and pottied then that’s not a behavioral issue & is excusable by law. Don’t pass judgement if you yourself don’t know the situation or the laws. Being a friend of a friend that has service dogs does not make you well-educated on the subject. Research does.

  5. This is why animals should not be allowed in the cabin — with the exception of a service dog

    • The article said it was a service dog but why the vest was not on the dog I don’t know except it is very hot in the summer to wear the vest. You have to have the proper paper work to get the dog on the plane when you purchase ticket so he must of had proper paper work on the dog or they wouldn’t have let them on the plane.

    • It was a service dog.

  6. Dogs get nervous and scared and nature takes its course. Happens every time I take my Alaskan Malamute to the vet and that is no easy clean up. I thought only small dogs in small crates were allowed in the cabin. Why was the dog out of the crate anyway? Owner is not thinking.

  7. What happens if a passenger has severe dog allergies… and the dog is actually NOT a service animal…?

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