Couple in Hot Water after Throwing Boiling Water at Flight Attendant Over Instant Noodles

A Thai AirAsia flight was diverted after a couple threw a temper-tantrum on-board, culminating in the girlfriend throwing boiling water at a flight attendant.

All over instant noodles.

The flight attendant told the passengers they would have to wait until the plane was at cruising altitude before they could have boiling water for the instant noodles they brought on board.

Apparently, this was so unacceptable, once they received the water, the boyfriend threw the noodles on the floor and stomped on them, and the girlfriend flung the water at the flight attendant.

From CNN:

As the quarrel dragged on, the man’s girlfriend threw hot water on the back of a flight attendant, witnesses said. When the purser demanded the woman apologize, the boyfriend exploded.

In a cell phone video taken by a fellow passenger and posted online, a man in a gray T-shirt and jeans can be heard shouting in Mandarin: “You don’t think I have money? …You caused all the problems and I’m going to blow up the plane!”

When the couple realized the flight was being turned back, the woman reportedly grew hysterical, hitting windows and threatening to jump off the plane, according to state media.

The plane — carrying 174 passengers and six crew members — hadn’t even left Thai airspace before it turned around.

Worth it?
Worth it?


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  1. i”l bet the farm the couple are Chinese, they are known for creative antics like these. no need to be politically correct by hiding the simple fact. btw, I am a native Chinese so I have some authoritative knowledge on this.

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