Drunk Women Demands First Class Seat; Gets Seat in Cop Car Instead

Apparently, if you are removed from a flight for being too drunk, the airline won’t rebook you in first class, as a New York woman learned.

From NOLA.com:

She demanded first-class seating and money to pay babysitters because of her delayed return home, the report said.

The deputy described Batchker as reeking of alcohol, slurring her words and being unsteady on her feet.  When Freeman ordered Batchker to calm down and finish her business, reports say, she replied, “f— you.” When he arrested her, Batchker tried to move away, and additional officers came to assist.

She was originally kicked off for getting in an argument with another passenger in which she appeared very drunk.

Since she got arrested, I guess you could say she got re-booked after all.  Eh?  Eh?


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