Get *Almost* Global Entry Without Global Entry at Dulles Airport

Don’t have global entry but want an easy passage back into the country?

You can do that now when you arrive at Dulles Airport.

The MWAA announced they are adding express kiosks for returning passengers, which can reduce wait times by up to 89%.


From their press release:

“Dulles International wants every arriving international traveler to have a world-class travel experience, whether they are returning home or visiting the United States for the first time. With the launch of ‘Dulles Passport Express,’ our customers will have an international arrivals process that is simpler and more efficient than ever,†said Airport Manager Chris Browne. “The airport purchased these kiosks to significantly ease the arrivals process, shorten wait times and ensure that Washington Dulles International continues to provide cutting-edge services to our passengers.â€

Passengers using ‘Dulles Passport Express’ will no longer need to complete a paper Customs Declaration form. Instead, they will scan their passport at the kiosk, answer a series of questions using the touch screen, and have their photograph taken. The kiosk will print a receipt, which the passenger will take to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer for a brief final inspection.

Global Entry passengers would continue to use their own specific kiosks.

These kiosks are at 12 airports across North America.  Studies have shown it has reduced wait times by 50% at JFK.


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  1. I’ve tried these machines out at O’Hare.

    Whilst they’re great in principle, it isn’t great when everyone is funnelled into them. Still, it saved 20 minutes or at peak time…

  2. I had the same experience at IAH in March this year

  3. I just came thru customs/immigration this past Wednesday. It took an hour and a half from leaving the plane to getting thru customs. The machines did nothing to speed up the process. After that fiasco I filed my application for global entry. Just a few days before it took me 30 minutes from leaving the plane thru passport control and too my hotel three underground subway stops away in London.

  4. why is like no one that concerned about the privacy violations of all these government efforts to record our pictures constantly and at every opportunity? Even if u opt out of global entry they want your pic just to enter the country???

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