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Booking a Two Star Hotel

When booking a five star hotel, it is extremely easy to see if that hotel is surpassing expectations, but how do you know if you are getting what you want out of the two-star hotel you are booking? A five star hotel, putting things simply, is supposed to have “everything”.  …

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Site Move is Complete!

I am very happy to announce that has moved to a new server and platform.  We have been happy with WordPress so far on our test site, and it allows us to offer you a more flexible website. IMPORTANT!:  The feeds you previously used to access Heels First Travel …

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First Class Passenger Line at Security

David Post at The Volokh Conspiracy expresses concern over the first-class passenger line at the SFO security check-point.  “Excuse me, but what the f*** is up with that?  I have no problem with the idea that people with greater resources can purchases conveniences in the marketplace (like a First or …

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My Birthday Weekend

Since everyone knows about how Keri cold-heartedly took the First Class Upgrade on my birthday, I figured I’d mention the nice things that happened during the weekend.  😉 Keri and I landed pretty late into Oakland.  Yes, Keri was in First for our last leg, but first or no first–it …

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My 3 Hour Jamaican Vacation

My mileage run to Jamaica was a pretty relaxing 3-hour vacation.  But next time I do a 3-hour vacation to Jamaica, I won’t do it after a Bahamas trip the day before. I arrived home from my Bahamas trip around 8pm and went straight to bed.  I had to be …

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A Mileage Run to the Bahamas

The first day of my 48-hour quest for Platinum was my DCA-PHL-NAS-CLT-DCA trip with a 2 and a half hour layover in Nassau.  Let me just say straight out that I do not recommend doing a mileage run to Nassau until construction there is completed.  Especially when you have another …

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