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My Birthday Weekend

Since everyone knows about how Keri cold-heartedly took the First Class Upgrade on my birthday, I figured I’d mention the nice things that happened during the weekend.  😉 Keri and I landed pretty late into Oakland.  Yes, Keri was in First for our last leg, but first or no first–it …

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My Travel “Essentials” for Being Comfortable in Flight

Travel essentials usually include the ideal laptop bag or the best luggage, but my travel essentials include items that keep me comfortable and on the ball. Keri and I are taking a weekend trip to Napa tomorrow “for my birthday”.  Since today is my actual birthday and I will be out …

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My 3 Hour Jamaican Vacation

My mileage run to Jamaica was a pretty relaxing 3-hour vacation.  But next time I do a 3-hour vacation to Jamaica, I won’t do it after a Bahamas trip the day before. I arrived home from my Bahamas trip around 8pm and went straight to bed.  I had to be …

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