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Fitness While on the Road: An Update on Exercise

I promised you an update on using work out equipment on the road, and I think I’ve “experimented” with it enough at this point. First off, do not plan on using a jump rope to work out if you never jump roped before.   Trust me.  The results can be disastrous. …

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The Hampton Inn Assures Me My Bedding Is Clean

In a first ever for me, I arrived at a Hampton Inn Room to find a post-it note reassuring me that my bedding was clean: At first I thought it was silly.  But the more I thought about it, the more I was glad they put the post-it note there.  …

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15% Cashback on Groupon with the Discover Card

The Discover Card’s ShopDiscover is currently giving 15% Cashback for Groupon Purchases!  Since Cashback can be redeemed for, well, cash, this results in 15% off every purchase you make on Groupon. I think that everyone should have a Discover Card in their wallet for purchases like these.  There’s no annual …

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