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15% Cashback on Groupon with the Discover Card

The Discover Card’s ShopDiscover is currently giving 15% Cashback for Groupon Purchases!  Since Cashback can be redeemed for, well, cash, this results in 15% off every purchase you make on Groupon. I think that everyone should have a Discover Card in their wallet for purchases like these.  There’s no annual …

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4-Pack of Travel Sized Toothpaste for $0.19 at CVS!

I just scored a four-pack of travel-sized Colgate Toothpaste for $0.19!  That’s less than 5 cents each. I am about to take a trip and was running low on toothpaste anyway, so I made a toothpaste run to CVS.  I noticed that a few of the Colgate toothpastes offered $3 …

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Making the Most of US Airways Trial Preferred

How do you make the most out of US Airways Trial Preferred Status? A few months ago, I posted about my own adventures with a US Airways Preferred Trial.  However, the decisions I made were the result of me going for platinum last second after a lot of work-related flying.  …

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