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Use Care in Selecting Travel Bottles!

I’ve been in love with the idea of GoToobs ever since I saw them in a Container Store, but not in love with the price.  GoToobs are completely flexible travel bottles that are leak-proof and have a dial you can set to label what is inside each tube.  They  seem …

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An Improvement in Upgrades for US Airways!

I’m often suspicious when I receive emails from airlines about “improvements” to their elite programs.  US Airways seemed to actually come through this time: US Airways will be checking whether or not you qualify for an upgrade more frequently throughout the day. This is good news for elites, especially Golds, …

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No Upgrades for You!

Keri and I have been getting ready for our turn around mileage run to HNL (Honolulu, Hawaii).  That’s over twenty hours in a plane with just a mai tai in the middle! I’ve been watching the tickets like crazy, waiting for upgrades to be available.  The leg to HNL is …

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