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Thank You Texas, plus Sandy Assistance Round-Up

Not only is Texas Home to Mommy Power Blogger Mommy Points, but it is also responsible for my parents getting their power back.  The wait-list for power in New York was up to two weeks, but we got hopeful when reports came in of power crews from Texas driving up …

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Hurricane Relief Assistance

I was going to post a light-hearted post about what travel items helped me through the hurricane, but my heart wasn’t really in it to finish.  I might finish, but I’m pretty heart-sick right now. I was catching up on the blogs I read, and New Girl in the Sky …

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Happy Birthday Keri!

Many and many birthday wishes and hopes for future first class upgrades to my dear friend (and co-blogger :P), Keri! May dom (vintage 2002) always pour into your glass, May your flights timely leave their gates, May the sun (during a 3 hour island layover) always warm your (sufficiently sunscreened) …

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