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Working Out on the Road and Gambling

I am about to embark on two straight weeks of traveling.  I’ll head to Tuscon, Arizona, head back to home base for 24 hours, head out for Las Vegas, NV, then after stopping in DC for a couple of hours, head out to Boston. Phew. The thing that has worried …

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My Accidental US Air “Demotion”

I just received my Platinum Preferred card from US Airways, and it reminded me of a cute story. I hit Platinum immediately after I hit Gold, so after I received my Gold kit, I was waiting eagerly for my Platinum Card.  And waiting.  And waiting. Finally, I received a welcome …

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Staying in Boutique Hotels

One of the reasons I have trouble maintaining hotel status is because I stay in boutique hotels fairly often. I’ve been to San Francisco five times and stayed at chain hotels twice while there. Why the draw to boutique hotels? First of all, I do a lot of my travel …

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