Another Reason to Love a Club Membership

I’ve been traveling so much over the last few weeks that I eventually forgot which side of the shower in my apartment has the faucet (and I guessed wrong!)  It is easy to get disoriented when flying, especially when many of the trips are to different climates and different sides of the country.

It is also difficult to keep track of temperatures and how warmly to dress.  I recently took a trip to San Francisco when Virginia was having a heat wave.  It was in the high 80s here but in the 50s in California.  I am not a good warm weather person.  The jacket I took with me for California was hot and stuffy just to carry.  And I was exhausted.

The airport was warm as well, so I couldn’t wait to plop the jacket off my arm as I waited for my first flight to Philadelphia at good ole US Airway gate 35A.  My flight was called and I popped up and headed to the plane.

It wasn’t until we were approaching PHL that I remembered I originally had a jacket.  And that jacket was still waiting at gate 35A.


When we landed, I rushed to the US Airways club and let them know what happened.  Even though I didn’t lose it at the club in DCA, I figured they might be able to ask around.  Then I sat in the club and relaxed.  A few minutes later, a staff member came by and let me know that the US Airways club DCA was in the process of getting my jacket from the airport staff.  She offered to have the jacket held at DCA for when I came back into town.  I accepted and thanked her.  A little while later, she came back to confirm that the club had my jacket in their possession, an unnecessary extra touch that made me feel better.

I’ll admit, I was pretty cold in San Francisco.  Since I own probably way too many jackets, I was hesitant to pick one up while there and tried to make do with a pashima I grabbed at the airport.   But I was really glad to know my jacket was waiting for me in DCA.  It is my favorite jacket, both for fashion and sentimental reasons.

At the end of that trip, I strolled into DCA and inquired about my jacket.  The woman at the front desk knew what I was talking about immediately and asked, “the cute one, with the polka dots?”  The jacket was stored very nicely on a nice hanger.  And back in 85 degree Virginia, I had my jacket again.

Thanks US Airways Philadelphia and DCA clubs!

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