GoGear Travel Tubes: Has My Quest for Travel Bottles Come to an End?!

When we last left my travel bottles adventures, I was stuck between a set of really expensive bottles and a set that couldn’t even make it out of the store without opening.  I am really drawn to the silicon bottles because they seem really easy to use.  Recently, I was wandering around a CVS (as I tend to do) and came across a new set of travel bottles that retailed at $2.99 each, GoGear Travel Tubes.  This seemed like a steal!

GoGear Travel Tubes  Go Tube Travel

I figured I should test one out before getting all three (as my last adventure told me).  I decided I was already going to pay for one of them, no matter what I ended up doing to it.  So I tried as hard as I could to get the bottle to pop or leak.  Nothing happened.  So I bought three total to use for my shampoo, conditioner and body wash for my next trip.  They came in 3 oz and 2 oz, so I purchased two 3s and one 2.  I paid $8.67 for the three, pre-tax.

These bottles ended up being very easy to fill, but surprisingly difficult to get into a one-quart plastic bag.  The silicon containers adhered to the plastic bag, so I had to continually peel the tubes off the bag as I worked them in.  Also, since they are so wide, they only fit in the bottom part of the bag.

GoGear Travel Tubes  Go Tube Travel

Since that picture looks like I couldn’t fit much else into the bag, here’s the other side:

GoGear Travel Tubes  Go Tube Travel

I probably could have fit one more travel sized item in there, or possibly two if I struggled with the GoGear a little more.  I just didn’t have that much I needed to bring.  I have a face wash, face lotion, exfoliant, and toothpaste in there with the GoGear.

I didn’t quite trust the GoGear yet, so I threw the quart bag into a gallon bag.

GoGear Travel Tubes  Go Tube Travel

And I traveled.  The bag got squished multiple times by my laptop, shoved under the seat in front of me, and overall mildly abused and yet…

GoGear Travel Tubes  Go Tube Travel


These tubes were great to use too.  The contents came out easily, and I didn’t have to worry about wasted shampoo being stuck at the bottom of the bottle.  I will be using these every time I travel now.

Later one, we switched hotels.  I didn’t feel like carry most my carry-on, so I shoved it all into my suitcase.  This involved mild suit-case sitting, and the GoGear still survived!

GoGear is available on Amazon.com for about three dollars more than I paid, so I recommend checking out a CVS if you are interested in buying.

*Please note that I receive affiliate credit for items purchased on Amazon.com and appreciate your support.


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  1. Check out the leak proof white’ish clear bottles at the container store. I’ve tested a few of the small ones and they don’t leak. Plus you can see what and how much is in them.

  2. I needed larger (but not too large) travel bottles for a 2 week trip overseas. While looking around CVS I spotted GoGear and remembered Jeanne’s positive review, so I picked up a couple of bottles. They were the perfect size, their flexible shape made them easy to fit into my bag, and they didn’t spill or leak a drop. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Love the GoGear Travel Tubes. Recently bought the GoTubes from Amazon and REI at $20 for 3. Big mistake! Found the GoGear at Walmart for $2.99 and absolutely love them. Just as good as the more expensive ones that other places sell.

  4. I too purchased at CVS however I plan to return them. Many of the day to day item I use like lotion, sunscreen and hair conditioner have some type of oil in them – several people have written bad reviews when oils are used with silicone. Why is this not written in your post? There are pros & cons to all items, all I see here is pixie dust.

  5. I have a travel set by Dot&Dot which i got from Amazon. It has it’s own bag although I think they also sell it individually and in 1, 2 ,3 oz sizes. They’re made of silicone, TSA and FDA approved and BPA-free. What I like is that it is easy to fill and easy to empty. There are also labels on the collar that you can choose from depending on the content.

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