30 Days for DC on US Airways

Today kicks off the first day of US Airways’ promotion, 30 Days for DC.  In their words, “30 days for DC is a month of surprises, community events and giveaways to celebrate our commitment to the Capital City. But it doesn’t stop there!”

This appears to be a celebration for their adding jobs, flights and volunteer work in DC.  There’s a calendar for every day, but you cannot find out what will happen on each day until it is announced on their facebook or twitter account.  You can also instagram them, how ever you would do that.  (Crazy kids and their 4G phones).

Today’s “day” was announced yesterday, “Now through August 5, 2012, earn double miles on any trip in or out of Reagan National Airport (DCA). “  The terms and conditions state it must be booked today through August 5th and flown by September 30th.  Their facebook page says “any” flight, but my guess is their social media person just isn’t being very clear.  Still, YMMV, and let us know if you see anything different!

Please note these extra miles do not count towards elite status.

I am flying a lot this month, but mostly out of PHL and the NYC airports, and I’m using Amtrak to get there, so most my flights won’t count either way.  (I even have a stop over in DCA on my way back to New York, but stop overs in the city do not count).  I have one more flight to book and waited until today just to make sure I was within the promotional term.  I won’t be able to say if my one booked prior to today posted double until mid-August.

I will keep you posted on anything else interesting that pops up during this promo!


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