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A Mild Travel Obsession, or US Airways Platinum

To catch you up to where I am now, I hit US Airways Silver, then Gold Status using their Trial Preferred. A few days after arriving back from Orlando, I sent a cheeky email to Keri.   “Considering going for Platinum.” I was at 16,276 miles and I would hit …

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My Tragic Loss of Starwood Gold Status

I knew this day was coming.  It’s my fault.  I didn’t prepare, and I didn’t plan out my Gold Status for this year. Still, this is not the e-mail I want to read on Valentine’s Day:  But where did I go wrong? First, most of my travel is for work.  …

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Silver and Beyond

I had no difficulty hitting US Airways Silver Preferred Status during my Preferred Trial. I knew I had more than enough miles for Silver, but I never really paid attention to how much more. One day, while looking at my miles (I know you do this too), I realized I …

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