Travel Tips

Find Out When the Flight You Want Drops in Price

We’ve highlighted some easy tools for flight booking, including Google Flights. Google Flights lets you easily search for dates by scrolling through flights, search for whatever is cheapest in a general date range, and search for only whatever airlines or alliances you want.  It was built for frequent travelers and …

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The Best Way to Find Cheap (Good) Drinks

When I’m traveling around, I always love a good cocktail.  But when looking at the stretch of restaurants and bars before me, how do I know what option is the best? I use Happy Hour Anywhere. Available on both Droid and Apple This App uses your GPS location to identify exactly where you …

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When to Use Miles and When to Buy a Ticket

I was talking to Might Travels, after linking to them yesterday, and they mentioned a tool they have that I was unaware of. It is basically a tool that will let you know how many miles a trip will take, and when to use the miles rather than purchase the …

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Get Free Help with a Travel Woe

I was disappointed to see how many people through the comments, twitter, and on message boards had the same issue I had with Priority Pass Select. I’ve been using Fancy Hands aka Babs Callahan to take care of problems like this.  The few dollars a task costs me is worth …

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Find Beauty Services When Traveling

Yesterday, I joked about how I (actually do) neglect eating vegetables when I’m traveling.  I also used to find it really difficult to keep up with different beauty services I like to use when I was on the road. Then I changed the way I thought about beauty services.  Instead …

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Things You Forget to Do When Traveling

My #1 thing I forget to do? Eating my vegetables! To hold myself accountable, I’m making sure I tweet out the vegetables I’m eating each day.  This post is holding me doubly-accountable. That way, I won’t go 3 7 14 days without eating vegetables again. Here are some of my …

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