Things You Forget to Do When Traveling

My #1 thing I forget to do?

Eating my vegetables!

To hold myself accountable, I’m making sure I tweet out the vegetables I’m eating each day.  This post is holding me doubly-accountable.

That way, I won’t go 3 7 14 days without eating vegetables again.

Here are some of my veggies lately:

2014-08-06 17.00.522014-08-13 19.54.052014-08-07 20.17.47

What’s the over/under on me continuing this?

But everyone forgets to do things when traveling.  What’s your biggest traveling vice, and how do you cope with it?


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  1. I forget to respond to personal emails. I read the email on my phone in transit, then decide to wait until I have time to sit down and right a real response. By the time I get to my hotel room I’m usually a zombie and incapable of doing more than staring at the wall. Next morning it’s already buried under the deluge of sale emails that come in every morning.

  2. Mine is the same as yours – eating my vegetables! When I was away in the UK, for the first three weeks while I was there for work, I ate normally and mostly healthy. For the last week, when I was on vacation, I ate nothing like I did the previous three weeks. Maybe there’s a “did you eat your veggies today?” app we can both try?

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