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hair salon stylistYesterday, I joked about how I (actually do) neglect eating vegetables when I’m traveling.  I also used to find it really difficult to keep up with different beauty services I like to use when I was on the road.

Then I changed the way I thought about beauty services.  Instead of thinking about beauty services as something I do at home, I started finding places on the road.

After all, business travel has more dead times.  7-8 pm at home could be filled with tidying, running chores, or my next project with my new cordless drill.  7-8pm when traveling for work usually involves watching something like a Star Trek movie marathon on TV while having a glass of amenity wine.

So here are some resources I use when on the road.  The first one, PrettyQuick, helped me find my favorite hair salon–Tracy Adduci.


PrettyQuick allows you to find appointments that are available in Chicago, book online, and pay online.  You can book almost anything–spa treatments, hair cuts, waxing, tanning, etc.

PrettyQuick erases the fear that your beauty treatment will be more than you expected.  Is the person cutting your hair a senior hairstylist ($185) or a regular one ($85)?  With PrettyQuick, there are no surprises for me because I’ve already paid.

I found the Tracy Adduci Salon through here and got a haircut for $60.  Many of the other salons I saw were $85 and up.  If I were trying to find a place with a last minute appointment, I would assume I would have to pay more than I’m comfortable with.  Not with this service!

If you use my link for PrettyQuick, we both get $10 towards services.  If you don’t use it, we both don’t (and I won’t be offended 😉 )

Multiple Cities–Lifebooker

Lifebooker is very similar to PrettyQuick and is offered in more cities–Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

While Lifebooker can help you find an open appointment time, it is more focused around helping you find the right salon.  So while PrettyQuick starts with what salons have availability when you need them, Lifebooker has you choose a salon first and then checks if it has an opening.  I find PrettyQuick’s interface much easier to use and wish they were in more towns.

Lifebooker has an advantage over PrettyQuick (besides being in more towns).  Lifebooker sometimes has a Groupon-esque quality to it where you can get deals by booking through the site.  I haven’t seen these deals really in Washington, DC, but I have seen them in New York.  They must be area specific.

Another negative is that I don’t believe you get anything extra by using referral links, and that makes this friendship one-sided if you use my links 😐

Deal Sites?

Even though the discounts are good, I don’t tend to use Groupon or LivingSocial when traveling.  Those don’t allow you to book a specific appointment time.  Sometimes, the deals are just with a specific person who gets very overwhelmed when everyone comes collecting on their appointments.  I’ve had to make an appointment for two months after I bought a deal before.  No, thank you!

Using PrettyQuick and Lifebooker allows me to find appointments that work with my travel schedule.  And keeps me from having Rapunzel length hair.

Not as cool as the cartoons make it out to be.
Not as cool as the cartoons make it out to be.


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