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Fashion “Influencers” Paid Thousands of Dollars for $40 Shoes

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In a crazy publicity stunt, Payless Shoes changed the label on their shoes, marked them up 10x, and invited fashion “influencers” to their private launch event. The influencers went on to spend thousands of dollars before Payless revealed the truth (and refunded their money). From the Washington Post: “I would …

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Don’t Believe Everything You See on Twitter

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Earlier this month, I wrote about a photo circulating of kids “playing on their phones instead of looking at paintings in a famous museum”. Except they weren’t playing.  I wrote about how they were using the museum app to learn more about the painting they were just examining, and whoever …

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50% Off Netflix for Clothing Service (Today Only!)

I’m still a frequent user of Le Tote, and you can see my praises here. It is basically a Netflix service for clothing.  You pay $49 per month, fill out your size profile, and select outfits you like.  They send you three outfits per shipment, including two accessories.  You can wear the …

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Have Beauty Boxes Jumped the Shark(nado)?

There’s a new player in the Beauty Box arena: Walmart. Which makes me wonder whether the beauty box concept has jumped the shark(nado). I’ve subscribed to the Walmart one ($5) just to see what comes in it, but from the description on the page, I wonder if we’re being conditioned …

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Find Beauty Services When Traveling

Yesterday, I joked about how I (actually do) neglect eating vegetables when I’m traveling.  I also used to find it really difficult to keep up with different beauty services I like to use when I was on the road. Then I changed the way I thought about beauty services.  Instead …

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