Have Beauty Boxes Jumped the Shark(nado)?

There’s a new player in the Beauty Box arena:


Walmart Beauty Box

beauty box sharknadoWhich makes me wonder whether the beauty box concept has jumped the shark(nado).

I’ve subscribed to the Walmart one ($5) just to see what comes in it, but from the description on the page, I wonder if we’re being conditioned to pay for boxes of samples that companies used to give out for free.

Rather than try to reach out through a marketing firm to find customers of their ideal demographic to try out their products, why not slap a price tag on it and have the market come to you?

For example, I am a member of BzzAgent and as part of it, I’m rewarded for trying out samples of products.  Their whole concept is if they send people products and they like them, they’ll start telling their friends about them (plus become regular users of the product).

In fact, my preferred mascara came from a BzzAgent give away, as did my favorite high heel insole, and my favorite candy bar, Take 5, was introduced to me by them.

Paying to try out a sample of Secret’s deodorant seems a bit much to me.  I can understand luxury products that don’t really give out samples and aren’t available easily, but paying for samples that are usually given out freely?

But I could be wrong.  Maybe the fun is in not knowing what you will get.  And maybe I’ll be surprised by what Walmart brings.

What do you think?



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  1. I’m getting suspicious that they are trying to get customers to pay for samples that used to be free. I’ll be interested to hear what Walmart sends you.

  2. I also subscribed! I am a huge fan of Birchbox and just quit Ipsy. I decided this WM box would be great for drugstore products 🙂 I am definitely curious what they will send and hopefully it’ll be full sized products!

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