50% Off Netflix for Clothing Service (Today Only!)

I’m still a frequent user of Le Tote, and you can see my praises here. It is basically a Netflix service for clothing.  You pay $49 per month, fill out your size profile, and select outfits you like.  They send you three outfits per shipment, including two accessories.  You can wear the …

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Have Beauty Boxes Jumped the Shark(nado)?

There’s a new player in the Beauty Box arena: Walmart. Which makes me wonder whether the beauty box concept has jumped the shark(nado). I’ve subscribed to the Walmart one ($5) just to see what comes in it, but from the description on the page, I wonder if we’re being conditioned …

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Find Beauty Services When Traveling

Yesterday, I joked about how I (actually do) neglect eating vegetables when I’m traveling.  I also used to find it really difficult to keep up with different beauty services I like to use when I was on the road. Then I changed the way I thought about beauty services.  Instead …

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