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billI was disappointed to see how many people through the comments, twitter, and on message boards had the same issue I had with Priority Pass Select.

I’ve been using Fancy Hands aka Babs Callahan to take care of problems like this.  The few dollars a task costs me is worth the money I get back with these sorts of mistakes.  Otherwise, it can be a headache to solve these problems.

Hearing about all these issues everyone is having gave me an idea.  I’m allowed to gift some of my tasks to other people, and I’d like to gift a task to three different people to help with a current travel problem.

  • Are you having trouble getting a refund for a mysterious guest added to your Priority Pass Select card?
  • Do you need someone to track down that mysterious $33 breakfast added to your hotel bill after checkout?
  • Do you need someone to research the best beignets  in New Orleans?  (Research can be time consuming!)

Leave a comment on the blog and I will choose three travel problems at random.  Again, it can be a problem that needs fixing, or a future thing that needs to be researched.  Since you won’t have a full account with Fancy Hands, they can’t book flights for you, or fix relationship woes by ordering flowers for you (though they certainly can help you pick them out!)

You can leave as many comments as you want as long as: 1. It is travel related and 2. It is a new “woe”.

If you are interested in Fancy Hands, my link will give you 50% off the first month.  I would get some referral credit for that, but this post is not sponsored by Fancy Hands at all, and all tasks I’m giving out are taken out of the amount I’ll have for the rest of this month.

Edit:  Let’s say, you can enter until noon Eastern time on Saturday.


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  1. I need help figuring out the best way to get around Ireland for five people! =)

  2. I need Babs to help cure my travel addiction. Can she help with that? Actually, I do have two upcoming reservations to HKG, and I might need to see if Babs can get AA to change my return for free…and hopefully keep my upgrades intact.

  3. So, I redeemed some BA avois for a trip on AS…had to adjust the travel details afterwards and was charged a fee, no big deal. Unfortunately, the phone agent set the adjusted itinerary for one week too late and I only discovered this the night prior to travel. This required another call to BA and I was assessed a >$100 change fee (worth about as much as the 4500×2 avois that I was redeeming). I paid it, not wanting to ruin my other travel plans the next day. Do I have recourse?

    • @Ari k – does not help much now but most Avios bookings can be cancelled for free online. It says there is a fee but if you have paid less than $40 in fees (very likely when booking on Alaska) they will just retain the fee (i.e. $5.60) and not charge any fee.

      I’d certainly mention the agents mishap again. Try calling the Executive Club in the UK – the agents are very friendly and professional usually.

  4. I booked a business class flight for two on Air Canada on April 3 and selected US Airways as my FF# from the drop-down menu. My trip was in July and the US Airways FF printed on my boarding passes. When I did not receive credit for the miles, I contacted Air Canada only to be told that I shouldn’t have been able to select US Airways as they were no longer part of Star Alliance. When I asked why it was an option on the drop-down menu at the time of booking and why it printed on my boarding pass, I was told that there is no customer service via phone for passengers who have already flown and that I needed to contact customer service via email. I sent the email 2-1/2 weeks ago and am still waiting for a response. I don’t want to loose those miles, but more importantly, who gets away with not offering an 800# for customer service for past passenger issues? Help!

  5. Getting FF miles redeposited by two different airlines for trip we have to cancel due to radiation therapy. No travel insurance.

  6. We could use some help figuring out the best thing to do with our time in the Bay Area next weekend. We have a car, would it make more sense to park and taking BART or would we be better off driving in and paying for public parking?

  7. Pick my current travel problem!

  8. I could use help finishing up some details of a trip to Europe in Oct. Need train tickets booked and one more hotel. I would love someone to take a look at my plans and make sure they are realistic. Time is ticking and I am just TOO busy to get it all done and I am on a really tight budget!

  9. Need help researching top sights to see and best restaurants on a budget for first time trip to Charleston, SC.

  10. I need Babs help in booking my next vacation using the Hyatt points and southwest points(they only fly certain places)
    I have left over. My Jamaican Hyatt Ziva rose vacation got cancelled because they can’t open on time:( we were really looking forward to this vacation because our summer Europe trip had to be cancelled when my mother got hit badly in a car accident. This has been a sucky year

  11. Due to cancelling the summer vacation to Europe I still haven’t gotten refund on our british airways fees well over 1500.00 since we had to rebook I now have a credit car bill for another 1500.00 I can’t afford this I need Babs to help me get this refun fast the bill is due 9/15

  12. I’m taking my wife and mother-in-law (her first time) to Europe next June. Can you recommend and get reservations at the best restaurant for seared foie gras in Paris? You’ll save my life!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Congrats! chose your comment!

      Also, I wouldn’t mind if you let me know her findings 😉 LOVE seared foie gras

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