Travel Tips

Ordering Groceries and Supplies on the Go

Sometimes it feels like I’m traveling for work more than I’m at home! At first, I started running out of essentials, came home to no groceries, and had to make late night toilet paper runs.  But I got myself into a routine that has really helped me stay on top …

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Can You Smuggle Wine Through Security in Your Bra?

a woman holding a tube with blood

Last year, I was in search of a new wine rack.  The first result gave me was surprising: So, of course, I tweeted it.  Which, of course, got me my only mention on an esteemed Duke University Professor’s blog.  (What can I say?  I’m classy). Something reminded me of …

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Travel Technology–Staying Connected While on the Road

What Travel Technology should you pack? ZDNet had an article on traveling smart with mobile gear.  I found the article interesting because his approach is different from mine but revolves around the same theme–thinking ahead so you can stay connected. My favorite tip is his cable stash.  I have been …

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How the Pros Do It: Travel Beauty Essentials

Oscar de la Renta’s PR Girl, Erika Bearman opened up her travel bag and showed the Huffington Post her beauty essentials for on the road.       I share her love of MAC mascara.  She also recommends Tatcha’s Dewey Skin mist, which I’ve tried and love, but it hasn’t …

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Travel Advice from 1480

While View from the Wing is giving away luggage from the future, I’m offering up travel advice from the past. My favorite new find is a blog called Ask the Past.   Want to know how to kill bed bugs?  Ask 1777.  How to stop bleeding?  Ask 1644. I figured I’d …

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Flight Tracking App Released into Beta

A new flight tracking app, Flying, has released into Beta. I’ve been watching this app closely because it has promised to visualize your previous flight paths.  And using this visualization, you can literally print your flight paths. loci – 3D Printed Sculptures From Your Flights from Andrew Spitz on Vimeo. …

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