Travel Tips

Finding a Gym While on the Go

a woman working out in a gym

When I book a hotel, I try to find one with a gym.  As we know, I need that to balance the delicious, delicious foods I eat while traveling. But sometimes you can’t always have a hotel with a health club.  It’s out of service, or it never had one …

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What the FitBit Has Taught Me

a close-up of a smart watch

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to come back from some of my trips, well, costing the airplane more fuel than I do on the way there. I mentioned that even though I can the weight off pretty quickly afterwards, I invested in a tool called the FitBit to track …

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Weight Gain and Traveling

a plate of cookies on a table

Traveling can feel glamorous sometimes–popping off to Napa for a wine tasting weekend, heading out to Paris for some macarons, or sampling the flavors of the Big Easy. Traveling can be delicious, but it also limits us from our regular schedule.  It isn’t as easy to workout, for example.  And …

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What Got the Ire of Travel Agents?

Travel Agents are angry at Women’s Day.  So angry.  So angry that Women’s Day is going to publish “mea culpa articles” in favor of travel agents. What got them so angry? According to Dennis Schaal of Skift: The list/article that drew travel agents’ ire basically argued correctly that some travel …

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Avoiding Pickpockets in Paris

cartoon man with a mustache and top hat

My idea of pickpockets in Paris were shady looking guys sneaking around through crowds.  Sort of like this guy: This image was shattered after a trip to Notre Dame.  I was on a tour of the cathedral in an English language group.  As the guide pointed something out behind me, …

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