How To NOT Weird Out Your Seat Mate in International Business Class

Keri and I often give our tips and tricks based off personal experience–and usually experience with things going wrong!

Based on my Lufthansa Flight yesterday, here is a handy set of step-by-step intructions to prevent yourself from weirding out your seat mate in International Business Class.

1. If you are handed a chocolate bar, either eat it all at once, or save it for later.

2. If you decide to take “just one bite any way” (a flagrant violation of step one), remember where you put the candy bar afterwards.

3.  DO NOT fall asleep with the candy bar still in your hand.  Seriously, DO NOT.

4. If you fall asleep with the candy bar in your hand, do not cuddle it and curl up around said candy bar.

5. IF you do this, you will wake up four hours later covered–I mean COVERED–in chocolate.

6.  Chocolate is not the best look for most (all) people.

7.  Don’t immediately offer up that it is definitely not poop.  That probably wasn’t their first thought.

If you follow these 7 rules to a T, I can assure you that you will avoid one potential way of weirding out your international business class seat mate.

Edit: Since it wasn’t clear given a comment, I was the one covered in chocolate, not my seat mate!



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  1. Pretending you were asleep while you weirded out with the chocolate was an admirable backup plan!

  2. Wouldn’t common courtesy dictate waking him or her up before they got chocolate all over themselves, instead of writing a blog piece making fun of them?

    • Yes, had I been there I would have woken Jeanne up in time and then written a blog post about what *could* have happened. But since Jeanne was writing about her own recent mishap, we can only wish her seatmate had more foresight. 🙂

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      In defense of my seat mate, there was no way they would have noticed unless they were really trying.

      Thank heavens my dress was black! But that didn’t help my hair and face.

  3. Oh dear. Chocolate can be a pleasure… but it can contain many evils….

  4. When I told you about my unnatural love for chocolate, I was telling you that in CONFIDENCE!!!

  5. You just should have claimed it was a new beauty treatment….

  6. It’s okay John, we’re still good

  7. Or any class of cabin for sure

  8. Point taken. I can relate but have luckily avoided your error in candy rules 🙂

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