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Cake in the Ass. and Other Russian Tidbits

Reporters arriving at Sochi have been tweeting astonishing photos of the conditions in their hotel rooms.  View from the Wing linked to quite a few of them. But there are a few things that I’ve seen on twitter that have made me go, “Ah, you haven’t been to Russia before!” …

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Why would you set your passport on fire?

Back when the United States Passports started using the RFID chips, there was a lot of controversy about them.  There was a worry that bad guys could read these chips and steal your information, so the internet started getting filled with the recommendation Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No …

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Does Everyone in the Travel Industry Lie?

Chris Elliott wrote a rather inflammatory article today stating that everyone in the travel industry “lies a little”. From the phone representatives: It would also be inaccurate to say the American Airline representative who Conley’s friend talked to told her the whole truth. See, under the Transportation Department’s 24-hour rule, she could have canceled …

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Where to Find Reliable Weather Reports

With the winter storm that hit the Northeast, there’s been a resurgence of “Newsertainment”.  That is, news channels that use the impending snow to create a certain amount of panic so people will continually tune in. seems to be the biggest offender.  During rain a few weeks ago, they …

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Rental Cars Can Be Better than Taxis

It can be a pain in the neck to get from Baltimore-Washington Airport to the Washington, DC metro area.  Maryland’s regional trains (MARC) run on weekdays only, and the Amtrak trains can be pretty spaced out.  There’s a shuttle to the metro, but that adds a lot of time to …

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Asking for What You Want from Customer Service Agents

Sometimes you get customer service agents who can really anticipate your needs.  They are good at asking about your preferences, and seem to know what concerns people might have.  Other customer service agents may barrel through, make assumptions, and then leave you in a situation where you are not happy …

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