A Review of HelloFresh (A series of Hello Fresh Reviews plus other delivery services!)

A Review of HelloFresh

I’ll be honest.  It’s becoming a running joke that Trader Joe cooks the dinner in my house.  While running around, it’s hard to buy and prep dishes for “real mealsâ€.

My husband cooks dinners many nights, which I really appreciate.  But I want to chip in too, and I actually enjoy cooking.

I saw a Groupon for a service called HelloFresh ($20 off with my referral code).  They send you the ingredients for dishes, already measured out.  I figured I’d try it because at $10 a serving at regular price, it was a whole lot cheaper than when I phone it in for dinner—literally, to a take-out place.

They send three meals at a time, each wrapped up in its own package.  The Groupon for the omnivorous version had run out, so I grabbed the vegetarian option.

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

The first meal we were sent was Cheesy Enchiladas.  We had rotisserie chicken the night before, so I chopped up some chicken from that to un-vegetarian the dish.

The dishes come with colorful recipes:

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

Be careful though.  The pictures don’t always match up with the step.  Once I saw a picture of the chicken laid out in the baking dish when that was three steps later—I still needed to marinate and sear it!

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

For ingredients that may be used multiple times, you also get a “pantry†of ingredients for the week.

The first step was to quickly steam the spinach, and then chill it in an ice bath.

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

Then I chopped it up with the rest of the ingredients.

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

I stuffed the enchiladas with the veggies with some corn and sour cream.  I added in my chicken too and put them in the pan.


hellofresh hello fresh reviews

I sprinkled it with tomato sauce and cheese, as per the recipe.

hellofresh hello fresh reviews

Took it out of the oven and viola!


hellofresh hello fresh reviews

I paired it with some leftover potatoes.


hellofresh hello fresh reviews

Because I added in the meat and potatoes, it doubled the servings from 2 to 4, so we each had enchiladas for lunch the next day.

It also paired nicely with my chardonnay:

hellofresh hello fresh reviews


The meals come with the calorie counts on it, but I found they also underestimate how much olive oil you would need to prepare a dish.  As an example, another chicken dish had me make a marinade with a lot of lemon grass and one tablespoon of olive oil for two chicken breasts.  I could barely marinate one in the olive oil, so when counting calories, I make sure to add in extra.

I liked the service enough to continue, and I’m currently on my third week.  There are competitors for it I hadn’t tried at the time of this review (such as Blue Apron).  But I’ve been very happy with this.

Since the time of this review, I’ve reviewed Plated.

Click here for my review of Plated.

If you use my referral code, we both get $20 towards HelloFresh.  I searched for a coupon to bet this, but I could only find one for $15.  But feel free to not use my code!

I am on a trip to Seattle, but as soon as I get back, I have some stuffed pobalanos to make!


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