Radisson Seattle Airport—Great Stay, Great Benefits

The Radisson Seattle Airport Hotel is a great stay—the rooms are nice, it’s near the LINK to downtown, and it’s one of the few Radisson’s I’ve ever felt like an elite at.

I’ll be honest.  I was so very close to switching my stay to the Hyatt Olive 8.  I’m not sure when my next stay in Seattle is going to be, and I’ve had my eye on that hotel.  But something told me not to, and I’m glad I didn’t!

I’ve stayed at the  Park Inn near the Mall of America, and the room layout felt very similar—just in Radisson colors rather than Park Inn’s.


The room came with a couple of bottles of water that were replaced the next morning when my room was redone.



The bath products were a hodge podge of different brands.  The shower gel was the typical Asira brand.

I can’t remember the other product’s brand names, but it was an odd mix of scents.  Mint shampoo but Japanese Cherry Blossom conditioner.


They also had a loofah in the shower.  This is my favorite little amenity.  I’m not a washcloth person, so I really appreciate when there’s a loofah!



There was plenty of room for bags and lots of outlets.

Because I’m a Club Carlson Gold, at check-in, I was given a bag of intentionally-half-popped-popcorn (which I ate rather quickly), and a cookie:


In addition, I was given breakfast each day, either in the restaurant or room service, plus two drink coupons for cocktails.

The breakfast covers an entrée and two drinks (coffee and OJ for example).  There appeared to be no limit, so I got the seafood scramble, and it was completely comped.


The hotel is literally across from the airport, but it would take a while to get to the gates from there, so I recommend taking the complimentary shuttle.

To get to the attractions downtown, turn right out of the hotel and take the LINK down to the University stop for Pike Place Market, the Aquarium, and the Space Needle.

To get to the Museum of Flight from the Radisson, hook a right, take the A bus down to the exchange station and switch to the 124 headed downtown and hop off at the Museum of Flight stop (it’ll be announced as that, but is the 94th Place Stop).   Don’t forget to get a transfer ticket from the first bus!  If you want to head downtown afterwards to the local attractions, just hop back on the 124 in the same direction as before and get off at Vine Street.

I found it really easy to get back and forth between places, so completely recommend the Radisson Seattle Airport!

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  1. How did you get free breakfast? I thought if you were only Concierge that it came with free breakfast

  2. That is a nice hotel. I stayed there without status for one of the 2012 promos and was upgraded to a business class room and comped breakfast – I think simply because I was polite at check-in and not part of a cruise package.
    The Park Inn in Fairview is also a nice hotel – stunning views back into the city, and a nice walking neighborhood with fantastic Asian food options.

    • Interesting that comment posted – it threw errors when I hit submit. “Your post may not be long enough” – sorry if there’s multiples in the spam filter; I tried a few times.

  3. If you come in on United or Delta, it’s actually faster to walk then trying to get to the shuttle pickup which requires you to go up over the roadway and back down.

    The few times I stayed I felt it was ok, but I have no status with club carlson.

    As to the Olive 8, I don’t get the appeal compared to the Grand Hyatt. The room is smaller, it has no scenic views (from the GH you can get rooms that see part of the water and ferry) and the no shower door thing just gets me every time I stay.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I wanted to check it out to see what it means to be a “green hotel” and how much that affects the experience. So more of an experiment than anything else!

  4. We stayed here as Carlson Gold members last October and also got complimentary breakfast and drink tickets. No cookie, though! We checked in really late after coming off a delayed flight and wondered if we just lucked out with sympathetic staff. Sounds like giving out unexpected perks might be more of a regular thing here, though!

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