The Airspace Lounge at Baltimore-Washington Airport

The Airspace Lounge at BWI is a great place to relax

I rarely fly out of Baltimore-Washington Airport–it’s hard to get to, and because of potential travel snafus, you should really pad your time on the way there.

But there aren’t any airline lounges at BWI.  So I’ve spent my time hanging out at the gate, willing time away.  There’s a lounge there, but I never thought it was worth the $20 to go in.

I just got an American Express Platinum Card, and that gives free access to the Airspace Lounge.  After going inside, I wish I had taken the time to realize what my $20 gets me on previous visits and paid up.

The Lounge is open 4:30am-8pm, but stays open during delayed flights (I love lounges that do this).


The lounge was really empty when I went in.  During my time there, two people stopped in but weren’t in the lounge at the same time.

Entry, whether you paid  $20 or used your American Express Platinum Card, comes with $7 towards menu items. I wish I had known this before.  $13 for a quiet place plus internet is really reasonable, and the prices on food and drink were airport reasonable.  You can find the menu here.


Breakfast ran $5-6, and I had money left on my account by the time I left.

I got the European Breakfast, which was $6 and contained bread, sopressa, and some cheese.


The lounge has complimentary soft drinks and coffee.  The coffee is the kind I make for myself every morning.


The greatest part about this lounge was that they had real half and half.  Having real half and half rather than the little tubs of coffee mate means a lot to me.  It helps me feel even more like I’m at home.  They also put out oversized coffee mugs instead of those tiny little china cups you get in most lounges.


There was a faux bar with sports on the TVs above.  The entire layout felt more night-loungey than airport lounge, and the look was okay with me

The internet speed was fine.

I also wish more lounges in general offered the opportunity to order food off a menu–even if it means paying more.

They advertised that the food items are available to go–so if you have an American Express Platinum Card and weren’t looking to go into the lounge, it may be worth popping in anyway to pick up a snack to go.

Please note that sometimes the Airspace lounge’s price fluctuates above $20 when they are particularly crowded.  This is their way of controlling how many people are in the lounge at a time.

If you are on a mileage run and will be passing through BWI twice, your pass is a day-long pass, so you’ll be able to enter when you return.


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  1. Interesting that BWI’s Airpsace Lounge gives you $7 in credit. The one at JFK T5 gives you $10. Great review overall!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The one at JFK gives $10 because it is a $25 entry fee–but for those with access through cards, it makes no difference! The JFK one has showers and nicer facilities, so I understand why it costs more in general.

  2. The lounge is really small and gets extremely crowded during the day (The sofas are all taken). That said, the biscotti they serve is heavenly

  3. So glad you posted about AMEX Platinum cardholders having access. I fly out of BWI often and I never knew about that. Thank you! They only advertise access to American, Delta, US Airways lounges and Priority Pass Select. How will people know about the Centurion Lounges or the Airspace Lounge?

  4. Glenn (The Military Frequent Flyer)

    Great tip, I always hated going to BWI because there was no lounge. Gotta trip to SIN leaving out of BWI in a couple of weeks. Where exactly is the lounge located?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It’s in the D terminal. But if you are really early, I heard you can get into D terminal to go to that lounge, even if it is the wrong terminal.

  5. I read this sitting in the BWI terminal eating a bad flatbread from Jamba Juice wishing I had seen it an hour earlier! Now I know and also that there is one in Cleveland!

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