How to Retrieve a Lost Receipt When You Need a Receipt for Work

Retrieving a lost receipt

missing receipt retrieving a lost receipt lost receipts missing receipt

Business travel involves a lot of paper and receipts, so a lost receipt could mean trouble.  I personally love using Expensify to snap photos of my receipts on the go.  I basically come home to a completed expense report!

But even with all this organization, I tend to have a lost receipt every now and then.  Getting restaurant receipts can be difficult sometimes, but usually they can retrieve them.

For car rentals, hotels, and airlines, it is much easier.  Here’s a guide of where to go to retrieve your receipts.




  • American Airlines
  • Delta – Less than 24 hours ago, you can do it in My Trips.  A bit complicated for flights longer than 24 hours ago: Please send an email to and include the following information when requesting ticket copies or baggage receipts.  Passenger name Ticket number (13-digit document number beginning with 006) *For ticket copy requests only there is a $20.00 fee per ticket number, please include full credit card number, expiration date, and card holder name.
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest – You can only retrieve receipts online if you have an account but a phone number is there to call if you don’t.
  • Spirit – I can only find instructions for people with accounts.
  • United
  • US Airways


Hope this helps with your lost receipt!

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  1. A lot of receipts that are just gone with the wind if you don’t keep track, though. Local convenience stores, taxis, food kiosks in the airport. The fact that many of these are online now (hotel, air, rental car) is a real boon. Also nice to use services like Square and Intuit GoPayments which can email you by recognizing your credit card, or Seamless and GrubHub, which also email your receipts.

  2. Note that many of the hotel chains only keep the folios on the web site for three months. I found this out the hard way… But many hotels can email you the receipt immediately if you call the property. For larger convention hotels, it may take them a couple of days to get to your request.

  3. You can get Delta receipts from months back from the My Wallet section of the Delta website or in a Delta mobile app.

  4. I need copies of tow truck receipts from the tow truck company, form November 2015. I had my car towed on the 20th from a repair shop and had to have it towed again the next morning because the car was inoperable- I contacted the tow company to ask for copies for court and they stated the shop is a ‘good customer’, they would assist them rather than me, and I ” should have kept the receipts”. Is that legal? How do I get those receipts??

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      In this case, I would see a lawyer. This isn’t legal advice, but my guess would be that would be something that could be subpoenaed. If you paid via credit card, you may be able to show the charge there too.

  5. I travel 200 + days a year doing sales training. In 2012 I lost 2 weeks worth of cash receipts for fast food, gas and a few other expenses. The company I was working for at the time would not pay almost $400 in expenses without receipts. Another guy in our company told me about a receipt creation utility that he purchased for $25.00 and I purchased this utility also. It solved my problem.

    Good Luck, John cakes

  6. my family was looking for Cash Receipt this month and learned about an online platform that has a searchable forms database . If you need to fill out Cash Receipt also , here’s a

  7. ExpressExpense is the best option for replacing lost or misplaced receipts!

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