Ordering Groceries and Supplies on the Go

Sometimes it feels like I’m traveling for work more than I’m at home!

At first, I started running out of essentials, came home to no groceries, and had to make late night toilet paper runs.  But I got myself into a routine that has really helped me stay on top of things.  I shop online while I’m traveling and ship things to myself–and they are usually there by my return.

I have an Amazon Prime Account (currently giving out 30 day trials) so I can ship any item to myself, no matter how small and in two days.  Amazon used to only offer items in bulk on prime due to the shipping cost, but they now have an add-on program that allows you to add smaller items into bigger orders.


Actual items I just ordered:

1.  Shampoo and Conditioner–when I realize I’m running low right before I hop on the plane, I can order some over the Gogo, and by the time I have my meetings and get back home, it’s sitting on my door.

2. Trash Can Liners–I have a specialty trash can that takes specific liners from specific stores, so I was relieved to find them on Amazon, and when I realize they are low, another set is one-click away.

3. Toilet Paper–When in doubt, order more.

4. Slow Cooker Liners–Because Ribs.  Lots of Ribs.  Lots of Slow Cooked Ribs.


I also have a Peapod account. (If you go to the site, there’s a $10 off your first order coupon offered–don’t use that.  Use the code RTMN15 for $15 off).  During my downtime, I have a lot of time to go through my grocery list, plan out future meals, and order items to be delivered the evening I return.  Delivery is about $8 on Peapod but it’s worth it to me.  I don’t have a car, and it saves me a lot of trouble.

My favorite part about Peapod is that I can scan down all the sale items in one place, so I don’t have to tackle a circular.

dannyvanI also use a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service (called Total Cleaners in this area).  I leave my dry cleaning in a bag for them, they pick it up, and I’ve got clean clothing delivered when I get back.  It’s a little pricier than some of the local dry cleaners, but not all of them and it includes delivery.  So it ends up being worth it to me to have my clothing clean without having to remember to pick it up or drop it off.  They also repair high heels!


What are your ways of coping with being on the road a lot?

Note: My Amazon.com links give me affiliate credit, I appreciate your support.


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