Travel Accessories

Travel Items for Leftys

Out of new-found respect for people who  do everything southpaw, here are some travel items to make your travel a little easier: Left handed travel corkscrew corkscrew in stainless steel with anti-clockwise thread – turn in the natural left-handed motion. The two parts fit together in their gift box for …

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All-in-One Outfit for Travel

When we ran to Jamaica, I got stuck standing outside in Philly on the way back… in January… in a sundress.  While I had my sunburn to keep me warm, that’s not always the healthiest form of heat.  Luckily, a new prototype promises to fix that. Behold, the Winter Sun …

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Keeping Charged Up On the Go

Keri knows when she travels with me, our charging needs are taken care of.  Even during a major power-outage in DC, I was able to keep five people charged up and running.  This is because I have a ton of gadgets dedicated to keeping me connected on the road.  I’m …

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