All-in-One Outfit for Travel

When we ran to Jamaica, I got stuck standing outside in Philly on the way back… in January… in a sundress.  While I had my sunburn to keep me warm, that’s not always the healthiest form of heat.  Luckily, a new prototype promises to fix that.

Behold, the Winter Sun Travel Outfit:


The Winter Sun Travel Outfit allows women to unzip parts of a warm hooded jacket and remove them, transforming the cosy garment into a strapless dress or mini-skirt ready for arrival in sunnier climes.

The quirky new outfit is the ideal item of clothing for holidaymakers and is even equipped with a inflatable pillow for sleeping on the plane.

While I would never willingly purchase these outfits under normal circumstances, they aren’t as ugly as I expected them to be from the description.  It is just a prototype for now, but if this comes up for sale and under $200, I’ll try it out for you guys!

And Tiff, the kid’s version comes with GPS:

Dress Laurence Lancashire ..Travel ..Brands 2 Life

I guess the knee also doubles as a chalk board.  I wish the grown-up version had that!


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  1. As adorable and clever as the chalk is I wouldn’t bring it while traveling. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE! =)

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