Travel Accessories

Resources for Traveling Musicans

a tablet with a music book

One thing I haven’t really brought up here is that I play piano and guitar.  It’s a fun hobby, but with work and travel, I don’t have as much time to memorize sheet music–but I can still read! But I manage to find myself in situations where friends and family …

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Traveling So Much You Forgot About Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated by adults in the DC scene, and I had plans for a very Doctor Who-vian inspired costume.  I kept talking it up.  Then, this morning, I remembered Halloween is last week. According to FourSquare (the way I remember where I’ve been), I have been on the road …

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A Bit More About the FitBit

a close-up of a smart watch

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I like the FitBit on Twitter.  I’ve only had it for a week, but I do have some initial thoughts. The FitBit has been really easy to carry around, and I tend to forget I have it on me.  (With some exceptions).  …

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