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aftershot pro 1Just a note that has a deal on Corel Aftershot Pro for Mac that marks the product down from $99.99 to $12.99.

They are also offering a software coupon code that takes $15 off: MACR0913 which makes this product free.

Aftershot pro 2

The coupon is also valid on the PC download edition, but that’s currently Not Avaliable.  This deal appears to be good for a few days, so if you are interested in the PC version, I’d check back.

Editing products like these can help you reframe your shots and edit the lighting and contrast to get it where you want it to be.

If you are looking for inspirational travel photography, check out Hans Mast’s portfolio online.  He gave a talk at FTU about composition and the right camera for travel photogs.

Paintshop ProIf you are interested in a PC product, you can get Corel’s Paintshop Pro, marked down from $79.99 to $22 for $7 with the coupon code MACR0913 .

PaintShop Pro seems to have some really exciting sounding features that are above my photographic ability.  (“Autobracketing is a powerful camera technology which automatically takes multiple shots of the same scene with different exposure settings. PaintShop Pro then selectively recombines the shots to create a single stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo with intense visual contrast.”  Sounds cool, but… huh?)

Paintshop Pro 2

Disclaimer:  Please note that I receive a small percentage of the cost of items purchased through my site on  If you get the Corel Aftershot Pro, I will appreciate the affiliate credit of $0.00 that I’ll get from you 😀


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