Government Shutdown Delays Removing Electronic Ban to Law Professor Josh Blackman, the government shutdown is likely to further delay the FAA making a final recommendation on electronics in flight.

The Chicago Tribune reports the FAA recommended allowing e-readers and tablets to remain on (in airplane mode) during takeoff.  Laptops would not be allowed because of the potential danger of a passenger losing their grip during takeoff.

The danger of a passenger dropping a Kindle was used as an argument before as to why we should not allow people to use e-readers during takeoff, but I can assure you–I would rather be hit with a Kindle than a copy of War & Peace (which is on my Kindle, and I’m up to something like 6% read after three years).

This will allow me to finish the level I’m currently playing in Ridiculous Fishing or Plants vs. Zombies–I mean, further engage with a great literary work of art.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you click through that link and become addicted to Ridiculous Fishing. 


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