Alcoholic Peanut Butter Cups and the Hotel Hershey

Keri and I took a trip to Hershey, PA on a day where “showers†were predicted.  We planned on running into Hershey Park in between light rain spells.

But these light rain spells turned out to be torrential downpour.

We quickly iterated our plans and headed to the Hotel Hershey to—well, see what was there.

The outside of the hotel was covered in gardens.  It was raining too much to get a shot of that, and I doubt it would have come out—but here’s a shot of a nice terrace area you can have sit on when it isn’t raining.


We were hoping to get to sit out on the bar’s terrace if the rain let up enough, but that never happened.  So we sat at the bar and I immediately saw…


A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini.

I was going to get a delicate glass of wine but threw that idea out the window pretty quickly.

a glass of chocolate drink with a straw

A word of warning though, this is like a dessert.  It’s thick like a shake and extremely rich.  But it is also amazing.  Higher on the chocolate side than the peanut butter side but still mmm…….. and contained a peanut butter cup at the bottom.


Keri got the more sensible glass of wine.  But I stand by my decision!

We wandered around the hotel afterwards, and it reminded me a little of a Vegas hotel (in a good way).  Despite being completely enclosed, it felt very open air.


The sky painted on the ceiling probably helped with that.


Those chairs must have been really comfortable because a few people in the different groups there were conked out cold.

The hotel is also deceptively large.  When you first enter, you don’t see much.  But the second floor is abundant with restaurants and bars.


The food selections according to Hershey are:

At The Hotel Hershey, experience history, reinvented, with the fresh new flavors of iconic American dining in The Circular. Trevi 5 features Italian grill fare, while Harvest serves genuine American cuisine. Cocoa Beanery starts your day off right with chocolate pastries and specialty coffees. Spending the day by the pool? Grab a bite at Poolside. After hours, unwind with one of our signature drinks by the grand fireplace in the Iberian Lounge.

There are two separate sets of Gardens out at Hotel Hershey, so make sure you check them both out.

We also checked out Chocolate World and the What If… bar at the bottom of the Howard Johnson.

Disclaimer: We were unable to check out the Chocolate Spa while we are there.  However, if you’d really like us to check it out, we take spa-donations Winking smile   Just kidding.  Mostly.  Mmm….chocolate.


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