I Guess it Is Classier than Carrying Wine in My Bra…

In a previous post, I wrote about how technically it may be legal to carry wine on a plane in your bra.  (Though, it is not legal for you to drink it on board from your bra).

For those looking to class-their-wine bra up a little once they arrive at their destination, I present: The Wine Bag.

Wine Bag

You cannot carry this on the plane, but it is the perfect accessory to switch over to once you start receiving strange looks at that Amusement Park for taking sips from your décolletage.

The wine bag functions simply.  Just drop the bladder from boxed wine in and go.

Some choice reviews of the wine bag:

We have the black color, I tie a scarf around the handle to dress it up and camouflage the valve and presto our wine glasses at events are never empty!

if you dine in fine establishments like I do, the other patrons are usually to polite to mention it

I use this for the movie theater

and a question posted:

Do you think there is enough room to put a few diapers in there? I need a new diaper bag and this…this would be perfect!

I tease but I think it is a cute idea for going to parks (and they sell bladders you can fill with your own stuff).  But the ridiculous ways people are using this cracks me up.  Then again, I’m the person who analyzed whether or not you can smuggle wine through TSA in your bra…

Disclaimer:  I receive a small affiliate credit if you purchase things through my Amazon link, but if you are thinking about buying that wine bra–please–step away from the computer.   (But if  you are using the Wine Bra or Bag around me, you like sharing, right?)


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